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We are a volunteer organization based in Michigan... but hoping to spread awareness about our cause well beyond these boundaries! We connect volunteers with various memory care facilities to offer music performances to those suffering from dementia. Anyone who wants to help our cause is encouraged to join. During the acute phase of the pandemic, we transitioned to an online format so we could continue to make a difference, but now we have returned to IN-PERSON volunteering. Contact us to find out how YOU can help.

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"Music Lights Up The Brain"

Music For Dementia aims to help residents suffering from dementia cope with memory loss and reconnect with their loved ones through a customized music program. The program focuses on each individual by providing live performances and personalized playlists. In fact, we don't just offer music, but individualized music that is personal to each resident and is more effective in improving mood, engagement, and reducing anxiety. 
We hope that personalized music can become an integral part of Dementia care in nursing homes.

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Our first chapter was established in Ann Arbor, at the University of Michigan. We now have five chapters with more on the way, and we aim to continue to grow in and out of state! Our goal is to spread awareness about the power of music in dementia care, and continue to help more people suffering from dementia benefit from a personalized music program.


If you are interested in starting an MFD chapter at your institution or you are a care facility looking for a partnership, we would love to get in touch!

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Our Founder

From high school choir and musicals to singing in the shower, my love for music dates back to childhood. In college, I took a class on the benefits of music therapy in various settings and discovered my interest in this subject. After my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia, I decided to take action by combining my passions for service and musical performance into a program that combats the social isolation and anguish that many face on a daily basis due to this condition. Music for Dementia has allowed me to give back to my community and truly make a difference, but I have also personally gained so much from the amazing interactions I have experienced while volunteering. I hope you will decide to join us as a volunteer or reach out to begin a partnership if you are a care facility or a person in need!

Beatrice Lucchesi

Founder & Chairman

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“The way that art and music work, they help bypass these damaged neurons and pathways in the brain and they help recover little pieces of memory,” Lucchesi said. “It’s not a miracle, they don’t help you regain your memory back, but little snippets here and there. This really helps to improve mood and attention and engagement of the patient.”

Beatrice Lucchesi

Michigan Daily Article

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Thank you Optimize for all the support!

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